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Zoloft Pregnancy Lawsuit Remanded to State Court

Dawn Snyder | July 22nd, 2014
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A Pennsylvania federal court judge recently remanded a joint Zoloft pregnancy lawsuit involving 25 plaintiffs to the state court in Missouri. The defendants, Pfizer and its closely-related business entities, attempted to keep the consolidated case in the federal court in the Eastern District of Missouri by arguing that the plaintiffs fraudulently joined their claims in order to defeat federal jurisdiction… Read more »

Zoloft MDL Update: Expert Testimony Called Into Question

Jacky Gale | July 16th, 2014
Zoloft Lawsuit Settlements Birth Defects

Judge Cynthia Rufe recently handed down a new ruling that concerns Zoloft birth defects lawsuits centralized into the multidistrict litigation (MDL) that is proceeding in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. On June 27, 2014, the Judge decided to exclude the testimony of Dr. Anick Berard, an expert witness on behalf of the plaintiffs. The Judge… Read more »

SSRI Pregnancy Side Effects Study: Childhood Obesity and Diabetes

Steve Cid | July 8th, 2014
Zoloft Birth Defects Lawsuit

Researchers at McMasters University in Canada have established a link between a mother’s use of Prozac during pregnancy and childhood obesity and diabetes in her children. The findings, which were reported on June 22, 2014 at the joint meeting of the International Society of Endocrinology and The Endocrine Society, were based on a study of pregnant female rats which were… Read more »

Iowa Mother Files Zoloft Lawsuit Regarding Baby’s Congenital Defects

Laura Woods | July 1st, 2014
Zoloft Birth Defects

An Iowa mother has filed a Zoloft lawsuit on behalf of her child, who was born with birth defects as an alleged result of her ingestion of the SSRI drug during pregnancy. She asserts that her infant child was born with severe and life threatening congenital health issues due to the negligent behaviors of the defendant. “Defendants concealed their knowledge… Read more »

Eight Families File Zoloft Birth Defects Lawsuit Against Pfizer

Steve Cid | June 24th, 2014
Paxil Lawsuit

Eight families from across the country have joined to file a Zoloft birth defects lawsuit against Pfizer, Inc, the pharmaceutical giant and its distributor McKesson Corp. The suit, filed June 2, 2014, in Superior Court of the State of California, Orange County, alleges that the plaintiffs, which include parents and their children, living and deceased, have sustained injury and damages… Read more »