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A Letter from David Eisbrouch, Esq.

I have been a Zoloft lawyer since the severity of Zoloft side effects was first revealed.  Shortly after the FDA issued a public health advisory warning in 2005 regarding the increased risk for suicide among adults treating with SSRI anti-depressants, new information emerged regarding Zoloft birth defects.

In 2006, the New England Journal of Medicine published a study linking the popular anti-depressant medication to a birth defect known as persistent pulmonary hypertension of the newborn, or PPHN. Since then, other Zoloft birth defects have been exposed including the congential heart defects ASD and VSD; omphalocele, spina bifida, and craniosynostosis.

The scientific evidence available at this point suggests that the occurrence of these and other Zoloft side effects remain rare.  However, as a Zoloft lawyer who learns more about this drug every day from the people affected by it, the numbers are far from insignificant.  After all, millions of people take SSRI anti-depressants daily.  While most of them enjoy tremendous relief from their depression and anxiety, others pay too high a price with either their own lives or the lives of their children, in the form of Zoloft birth defects.

It doesn’t take a Zoloft lawyer to emphasize the innocence of  children.  It is a universal truth, hardly up for challenge or debate.   So, how many more babies with Zoloft birth defects born to mothers who took the anti-depressant during pregnancy will it take to get the kind of the attention this issue deserves?  To date, additional warnings about the full scope of  Zoloft side effects remain largely absent from the medication’s label and packaging thereby exposing yet more mothers and their unborn children to risks of which they should have been made aware.

The Zoloft lawyers of Eisbrouch Marsh are currently investigating all developing medical information as it becomes available with respect to this drug.  As seasoned lawyers in the field of pharmaceutical litigation, we are fully dedicated to protecting the legal rights of anyone suffering from Zoloft side effects and birth defects.  Call the Zoloft lawsuit telephone number 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to speak with a Zoloft lawyer who will be happy to answer all of your questions.